Rwanda: How Rwandan Communities Are Tackling Malnutrition


Sumary of Rwanda: How Rwandan Communities Are Tackling Malnutrition:

  • Five months ago, Jeanne Nyiramuhire enrolled her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter at an Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre in Gahondo cell located in Nyanza District..
  • At the centre, a home-based facility, children found to be undernourished get special attention to improve their wellbeing for no payment..
  • To easily ascertain the level of a child’s nutrition status, Community Health Workers regularly measure weight and height, using a length mat colored in red (chronic malnutrition or stunting), yellow (undernutrition) and green (healthy)..
  • It is after categorizing the child according to their nutrition status that recommendation is made on what they should be fed..
  • Before the ECD centre, Nyiramuhire’s Karama village had 20 undernourished children, and according to Ruth Uwibogoye, a community health volunteer, but today “all children are in green;.
  • Since 2018, Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC), the National Child Development Agency and the World Bank have been implementing an anti-malnutrition project in 13 districts with the highest rate..
  • The child development programme aims at ensuring proper breastfeeding until a child turns two years and feeding a balanced diet until five years, among other things, to prepare children for primary school..
  • Sign up for free AllAfrica Newsletters But for Solange Uwanyirigira, a Catholic nun who runs Sovu Health Centre in Huye District, the problem of stunting has various causes….

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