Santiago de Chile Metropolitan Region back under full quarantine


Sumary of Santiago de Chile Metropolitan Region back under full quarantine:

  • “Although in our country we have seen some stabilization of cases and in some regions positive trends, the Metropolitan Region worries us more because of the number of inhabitants and of ICU beds” available, Public Health Undersecretary Paula Daza explained..
  • Occupancy of ICU beds in Santiago was reported to be at 98 per cent Thursday, even though some areas have been under total confinement measures for more than nine weeks..
  • According to health authorities, 7,716 new infections and 198 deaths were recorded Thursday, raising the total number since the start of the pandemic in March 2020 to 1.45 million infected and 30,339 deaths..
  • Chile has not been able to contain the advance of the pandemic, despite deploying a massive vaccination campaign since the beginning of February, with more than 11.2 of the 19 million inhabitants already vaccinated with at least one dose..
  • Consulted by the Delta variant, which has already been identified in neighbouring countries such as Argentina and Peru, the authorities confirmed that it has not yet been spotted in Chile, which has closed its borders until June 30..
  • In addition to the 52 communes in the Metropolitan region, many of them with current quarantines, there are seven towns in other regions in similar circumstances..
  • Health Minister Enrique Paris himself was under isolation due to covid-like symptoms and awaiting the result of the PR which turned out negative..
  • According to the president of the Federation of Health Professionals, Fenpruss, Aldo Santibáñez, the situation of the covid-19 health crisis in Chile is more critical today than last year…

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