Shock reason one in seven women fired

shock reason one in seven women fired

Sumary of Shock reason one in seven women fired:

  • Despite one in nine people with a uterus suffering from this condition, a disturbing number are losing their jobs as they for try to manage their symptoms.
  • In case you missed it, endometriosis is a condition where tissue that’s similar to the lining of a uterus appears in other parts of the body, and it’s this rogue tissue that gets shed during a period.
  • I’m lucky enough to only have the lowest level of this condition, and (from what I’ve heard) only experience a fraction of the pain some other people with this condition do.
  • What is shocking, is that this chronic condition negatively impacts employment.
  • Besides those who get fired, one in three are passed over for a promotion due to their condition and 70 per cent of sufferers have had to take unpaid time off work.
  • “Nearly all women with endometriosis in our study said their endometriosis had a significant impact on their work-life, with nearly two-thirds of women having to take unpaid time off work to manage their endometriosis symptoms,” said senior author Professor Jon Wardle.

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