Short-term spikes in air pollution ‘may speed up brain decline in older men’


Sumary of Short-term spikes in air pollution ‘may speed up brain decline in older men’:

  • But men taking commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin were less affected, scientists discovered..
  • The researchers also did not look at other lifestyle factors that may have influenced the findings, such as how much sleep participants had, their diet, exercise levels or alcohol consumption..
  • ‘For example, exposure to high levels of air pollution has been shown to affect brain development in children, and women appear even more susceptible to the effects of air pollution on respiratory health than men.’ Academics also wanted to learn if participants taking common anti-inflammatory medications – such as aspirin – were less prone to cognitive decline..
  • Results showed men using the drugs were slightly less likely to see their scores drop when pollution levels rose..
  • ‘There are likely to be many other differences between men who use NSAIDs [anti-inflammatory drugs] and those who don’t, and observational studies like the one by Gao et al..
  • Researchers at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health found boys exposed to greater levels of PM2.5 in the womb performed worse on memory tests by the time they are 10..
  • Youngsters who live less than one-third of a mile away from busy roads are twice as likely to score lower on tests of communication skills in infancy, found researchers at Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health in April..
  • Children born today will lose nearly two years of their lives because of air pollution, according to a report by the US-based Health Effects Institute and the University of British Columbia in April 2019….

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