Should I let my son see a relative who is on the sex offender register?


Sumary of Should I let my son see a relative who is on the sex offender register?:

  • A few years ago, my brother-in-law was arrested, cautioned and placed on the sex offender register (SOR) for two years, for downloading child abuse images..
  • in the past, he has threatened violence against his own teenage children.) My husband thinks I’m overreacting and that our child would be in no danger..
  • She hasn’t told her husband that we know about his arrest, and wants to avoid the awkward excuses about why we no longer attend family events if we know he is going to be there..
  • (My other brother-in-law shares my view and also doesn’t attend any family occasions if the offending man is there.) I intend to explain to my son, when he reaches an appropriate age, why we haven’t seen his uncle over the years, so that we don’t keep this secret;.
  • The NSPCC pointed out that when someone is placed on the SOR, there are often restrictions with regard to offenders having contact with children..
  • Given what you’ve told me about the issues between you and your husband, you might want to consider a family mediator (see links below)….

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