Skin lighteners: fashion and family still driving uptake in South Africa

skin lighteners fashion and family still driving uptake in south africa

Sumary of Skin lighteners: fashion and family still driving uptake in South Africa:

  • Skin lightening products have been popular for more than 40 years among sub-Saharan African populations.
  • The products, promoted by media and cosmetic houses as “pigment vanishing” or “tone lightening”, have been perceived to be beneficial.
  • This is because they are acquired illicitly and contain potent and toxic chemicals that can have bad side effects.
  • Several countries, including Uganda, Kenya and South Africa, have banned the import and sale of products containing skin lightening chemicals.
  • We recently conducted a survey on 401 health science students at the University of the Western Cape.
  • Our survey also showed that men and women were equally likely to use such products.
  • NurPhoto In our survey 10% of the men interviewed said they used skin lightening products.
  • These findings were also supported by a Ghanaian study in which women stated that they found fair-skinned men more attractive.

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