Slight weight loss observed in night-shift workers fasting during overnight hours


Sumary of Slight weight loss observed in night-shift workers fasting during overnight hours:

  • “‘Shifting the Risk’ is the first study to examine the effects of a meal-timing intervention on cardiovascular disease risk markers in night-shift workers,”.
  • Adobe Stock Researchers conducted a randomized crossover trial with 19 night-shift workers in Melbourne, Australia (13 women;.
  • An acute meal challenge was conducted at baseline and the end of both study periods, when data on postprandial triglyceride response, glucose, insulin and body weight were collected..
  • Both control and intervention participants had similar postprandial triglycerides responses at their challenge sessions..
  • Postprandial and peak glucose concentrations and insulin concentration were also similar between the intervention and control periods..
  • Researchers said more randomized controlled trials should be conducted with larger samples to better analyze the cardiometabolic effects the timing of eating has on night-shift workers..
  • “Sample size estimations have been provided using data generated, allowing future definitive randomized controlled trials to test whether an overnight fast is able to improve postprandial triglyceride and glucose metabolism in night-shift workers,”…

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