SNAP recipients consume more calories, but healthy food choices must be prioritized

Sumary of SNAP recipients consume more calories, but healthy food choices must be prioritized:

  • Participants of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, had higher caloric intake than non-participants, according to a study of patients with kidney disease, some of whom also reported food insecurity..
  • However, receipt of SNAP benefits – which increased by 40% with the passage of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act in March of 2020 – did not lead to adequate nutrition or healthy diet choices..
  • SNAP benefits help against food scarcity on a surface level, but we wanted to assess how much they contribute to better eating on a more quantitative level.”.
  • Of the total study population, 47% received SNAP benefits and the median income was determined to be less than $20,000..
  • Researchers noted that while there were no significant differences in the age, gender or race between SNAP recipients and non-recipients, SNAP recipients were less likely to have attended college (35% vs..
  • After conducting a diet assessment using 24-hour recall, Saw-Aung and colleagues found SNAP recipients ate more calories (1,552 vs..
  • Similarly, for patients who also reported food insecurity, those who received SNAP benefits consumed more calories than those who did not receive benefits (1,516 vs..
  • “While conducting our research, we noted that several patients who demonstrated food scarcity refused food delivery programs because they did not enjoy the food choices offered or felt that certain undesired food would go to waste”…

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