South Africa: South Africa Should Train All Pharmacists to Give Vaccinations


Sumary of South Africa: South Africa Should Train All Pharmacists to Give Vaccinations:

  • Hold-ups have included procurement and delivery of vaccines, the emergence of new variants, as well as the suspension of the use of some vaccines owing to safety concerns..
  • These have been expanded significantly for the second phase and are meant to include both public sector healthcare institutions such as primary healthcare clinics and hospitals and private healthcare sector settings such as doctors and pharmacies..
  • Currently, healthcare professionals who are allowed to vaccinate are predominantly doctors and nurses trained to do so in line with the country’s regulations..
  • Pharmacists do not qualify to issue the jabs under the country’s vaccination regulations without appropriate certification..
  • This means that most of the 17 000 pharmacists in the country can’t be vaccinators unless trained appropriately..
  • The vaccine administration technique is a skill that isn’t uniformly taught as part of the country’s undergraduate pharmacy degree..
  • And possibly those that have pharmacists who have completed the additional training to qualify them to administer vaccines..
  • In other countries such as the USA, UK and Australia, pharmacists have been providing vaccination services for years….

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