Sputnik V & IMF Talks: Argentina Has Good Odds of Getting Back on Prosperity Track, Scholar Says


Sumary of Sputnik V & IMF Talks: Argentina Has Good Odds of Getting Back on Prosperity Track, Scholar Says:

  • Locally, after Argentine President Alberto Fernandez and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin announced joint mass manufacturing of the jab on 4 June..
  • In April, the Argentine pharma company Laboratorios Richmond SACIF signalled that its existing plants are capable of producing up to five million doses of Sputnik V, both of the first and second shot, each month..
  • It has the capacity to manufacture half a million complete doses weekly, according to the lab president Marcelo Figueiras..
  • size, or measure its effect, its significance can hardly be overestimated, says Juan Martin Gonzalez Cabañas, an Argentine political consultant and geopolitical analyst at international think tank Vision &.
  • The production of Sputnik VIDA will not only improve the Argentine economic situation “in a very significant way – with the possibility of carrying out work-intensive economic activities with greater freedom,”.
  • Argentina has the industrial capacity not only to produce the pharmaceutics but to be a hub for distribution of the drug in South America, the analyst asserts:.
  • “The pharmaceutical sector was one of the few sectors of the Argentine economy that survived the industrial debacle of the 1990s and remains so far one of the vital sectors of the region.”.
  • Argentina’s Debt Talks Argentine Economy Minister Martin Guzman appears to be rather optimistic about the country’s economic rebound even though Buenos Aires is still struggling to restructure its multi-billion debt….

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