Statins side effects: Five symptoms of a skeletal muscle side effect caused by drug


Sumary of Statins side effects: Five symptoms of a skeletal muscle side effect caused by drug:

  • Statins are effective at lowering cholesterol and protecting against a heart attack and stroke, although they may lead to side effects for some people..
  • The risk of very serious side effects is extremely low and calculated in a few cases per million people taking statins..
  • Rhabdomyolysis can occur when you take statins in combination with certain drugs or if you take a high dose of statins..
  • Rhabdomyolysis or milder forms of muscle inflammation from statins can be diagnosed with a blood test measuring levels of the enzyme creatinine kinase..
  • The risks of any statin side effects also have to be balanced against the benefits of preventing serious problems..
  • A review of scientific studies into the effectiveness of statins found around one in every 50 people who take the medicine for five years will avoid a serious event, such as a heart attack or stroke, as a result..
  • The Yellow Card Scheme also allows you to report suspected side effects from any type of medicine you’re taking…

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