Structural racism in medicine: An in-depth look at ways to promote…


Sumary of Structural racism in medicine: An in-depth look at ways to promote…:

  • It is a perpetual inequity deeply engrained in social policy, legislation, law enforcement, the economic system, and the healthcare system, to name only a few of the areas that it affects..
  • Within the healthcare system, structural racism has profoundly impacted the mental and physical health of historically marginalized groups..
  • For example, reports indicate that Black people have lower life expectancies than white individuals and that predominantly Black communities are more likely to experience a shortage in primary care physicians..
  • On a deeper level, the medical community has promoted structural racism throughout decades of biased research and papers published in medical journal publications..
  • These practices have had a profound effect on the healthcare that historically marginalized people receive, as health conditions, reactions to medications, and risk factors for disease can differ among racial and ethnic groups..
  • Realizing its role in this, the AMA has openly acknowledged its history of actively harmful practices and longstanding silences that have promoted health inequity..
  • To promote racial justice and advance health equity throughout its organization and in its domains of influence, the AMA vows to incorporate the following strategies:.
  • Also, recently, Dr. Howard Bauchner — editor in chief of the JAMA — stepped down from his position due to an incident surrounding a previous JAMA podcast and tweet….

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