Study Finds Rural Residents and American Indians Travel Farthest for Stroke Care


Sumary of Study Finds Rural Residents and American Indians Travel Farthest for Stroke Care:

  • The distance a stroke patient must travel to reach the nearest certified stroke center differs by race, age, income and insurance status, according to a study that analyzed nationwide U.S..
  • Olajide Williams, MD, professor of neurology at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York City and American Heart Association volunteer expert, says, “There a mantra in stroke neurology that time is brain:.
  • 1.9 million neurons are lost every minute of a stroke, so the longer we delay treating a stroke the more neurons we lose.”.
  • Dr. Kansagra and his team, including lead researcher Cathy Yu, a medical student at Washington University School of Medicine, spent a year examining distance disparities..
  • This census data surveyed age, race, ethnicity, medical insurance status, income and population density in each census tract from 2014–2018..
  • Using regression modeling, the team then examined the relationship between the demographic characteristics of census tracts and the distance to the nearest certified stroke center, or a hospital certified to treat stroke patients..
  • Not surprisingly, the study found a significant difference in the distance to the nearest stroke center between rural and urban locations..
  • The model found that a theoretical urban census tract with average demographics was located 6.2 kilometers (km) away from the nearest stroke center, while a theoretical rural one was 30.2 km away — a 24 km difference….

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