Study provides treatment options for children with average risk medulloblastoma


Sumary of Study provides treatment options for children with average risk medulloblastoma:

  • However, the radiation used to treat such tumors takes a toll on the brain, damaging cognitive function, especially in younger patients whose brains are just beginning to develop..
  • But the researchers also found that the dose of the preventive radiation treatments given to the whole brain and spine over the six-week regimen cannot be reduced without reducing survival..
  • Further, the researchers showed that patients’ cancers responded differently to therapy depending on the biology of the tumors, setting the stage for future clinical trials of more targeted treatments..
  • Children with average risk medulloblastoma typically undergo surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible..
  • and internationally, the researchers evaluated 464 patients treated for average risk medulloblastoma that was diagnosed between ages 3 and 21..
  • Related Stories “The patients who received the smaller boost did just as well as those who received the whole posterior fossa boost,”.
  • In a subset of tumors with mutations in a gene called SHH, patients actually showed improved survival with the smaller boost volume..
  • “We saw higher rates of recurrence and tumor spreading in the younger patients receiving the lower dose of craniospinal radiation,”…

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