Surgeons can avoid postoperative opioid prescriptions, studies suggest


Sumary of Surgeons can avoid postoperative opioid prescriptions, studies suggest:

  • Surgeons can ease their patients’ pain from common operations without prescribing opioids, and avoid the possibility of starting someone on a path to long-term use, a pair of new studies suggests..
  • The team behind the study has also produced a free, evidence-based guide for surgeons and other acute care providers, to help them treat patients’ pain without the risk of persistent use that opioids carry..
  • The new study is published in the Annals of Surgery by a team from Michigan Medicine, the University of Michigan’s academic medical center..
  • They analyzed 2019 data from a Michigan-wide surgical care registry, and surveyed patients about their experience after they’d had a chance to recover..
  • experiences with and without opioids The vast majority – 86% — of the patients received a prescription for an opioid after they had hernia, gallbladder, appendix, bowel, thyroid or gynecological operations..
  • But when the researchers compared those patients’ experiences and survey responses with data from the 14% of patients who only got non-opioid painkiller prescriptions, they found little difference..
  • Patients not prescribed opioids were slightly more likely to be readmitted to the hospital, but rarely due to pain-related issues..
  • In all, 82% of both groups – patients who got an opioid prescription, and those who did not – said they were highly satisfied with their care….

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