Survey provides insights into ‘pure awareness’ state experienced by meditators

survey provides insights into pure awareness state experienced by meditators

Sumary of Survey provides insights into ‘pure awareness’ state experienced by meditators:

  • In the context of meditation practice, meditators can experience a state of “pure awareness” or “pure consciousness”, in which they perceive consciousness itself.
  • This state can be experienced in various ways, but evidently incorporates specific sensations as well as non-specific accompanying perceptions, feelings, and thoughts.
  • These are just some of the findings of the most extensive survey of meditators ever conducted on the experience of pure consciousness.
  • The study was conducted by Professor Thomas Metzinger from the Department of Philosophy at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) and Dr. Alex Gamma from the Psychiatric Hospital of the University of Zurich.
  • Our working hypothesis was that pure consciousness is the simplest form of conscious experience.
  • And our goal was to develop a minimal model explanation of human consciousness experience on the basis of this hypothesis.
  • ” Thomas Metzinger, Professor, Department of Philosophy, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz The study is part of the international Minimal Phenomenal Experience (MPE) project led by Metzinger.
  • Instructing the meditators to select and focus on one particular experience of pure awareness, the questionnaire included questions like: “Did you experience sensations of temperature?

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