Switch from intermittent to real-time CGM improves time in range, quality of life measures


Sumary of Switch from intermittent to real-time CGM improves time in range, quality of life measures:

  • Adults with type 1 diabetes who switched from intermittently scanned to real-time continuous glucose monitoring saw improved time in range and quality of life measures at 6 months compared with those who did not make the change, data show..
  • “The results of our study indicate that clinicians should consider real-time CGM with alerts instead of intermittently scanned CGM without alerts to improve their health and quality of life.”.
  • Adults with type 1 diabetes using real-time CGM had better time in range, lower HbA1c and less time spent in severe hypoglycemia compared with adults using intermittently scanned CGM..
  • In a prospective, double-arm, parallel-group, randomized controlled trial, Gillard and colleagues analyzed data from 254 adults with type 1 diabetes across six hospitals in Belgium who previously used intermittently scanned CGM (mean age, 43 years;.
  • Researchers randomly assigned participants to real-time CGM (n = 127) or continued use of intermittently scanned CGM (n = 127;.
  • Primary endpoint was mean between-group difference in time in range at 6 months, assessed in the intention-to-treat sample..
  • Mean baseline HbA1c was 7.4% and mean baseline time in range was 51.9%, with 17% of participants experiencing hypoglycemia unawareness..
  • After 6 months, time in range was higher for participants in the real-time CGM group compared with controls, with rates of 59.6% vs….

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