Tanzania: Albinism in Tanzania – What Can Be Done to Break the Stigma


Sumary of Tanzania: Albinism in Tanzania – What Can Be Done to Break the Stigma:

  • The light physical appearance of people with albinism is caused by an inherited condition which results in a lack of melanin..
  • Because of their appearance, all over the world, people with albinism are often socially excluded and frequently (and sometimes violently) discriminated against..
  • They’re prevented from having the same opportunities, for instance at school or when looking for employment, which can result in poverty..
  • For example, people with albinism are believed to be ghosts and their body parts are said to bring good fortune..
  • Between 2000 and 2019 in Tanzania, 76 people with albinism were killed and 182 people survived physical attacks..
  • In recent years, various stigma reduction interventions have been implemented in Tanzania by human rights groups, such as Under The Same Sun and Standing Voice..
  • However, no academic research has yet been done on what would be an effective way of reducing albinism-related stigma..
  • I’ve conducted extensive research into stigma reduction interventions in local communities and the formal education system in Tanzania….

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