Tanzania: Amana Hospital Gets Alms for Premature Babies’ Care


Sumary of Tanzania: Amana Hospital Gets Alms for Premature Babies’ Care:

  • PREMATURE Babies Organisation has stepped in to provide medical equipment support to Amana Regional Referral Hospital in Dar es Salaam aimed at reducing deaths of premature babies..
  • “Our aim is to create awareness and provide education to all mothers, while supporting the lives of premature babies,”.
  • She further said that the organisation decided to provide the support after realising that they are required in supporting premature babies’ health and wellbeing as well as their mothers’ hygiene..
  • “The organisation was established with the purpose of helping mothers to reduce challenges they face after delivering premature babies..
  • “Most mothers who deliver premature babies end up staying for months to a year in a hospital taking care of them, a situation which in most cases cause her to lose her job and even her spouse….
  • According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), about 15 million babies in the world are born prematurely, while 87 per cent of them die within a year..
  • Elaborating, Ms Luhanga cited some reasons which lead women to deliver a premature baby, which she said include her being diabetic, squeezing the baby while still in the womb and uterine rupture..
  • Sign up for free AllAfrica Newsletters On her part, the ViceChairperson of the organisation, Ms Marium Ibrahim encouraged mothers delivering premature babies to ensure they accept and take care of their babies despite the numerous challenges they face..
  • Equally, she urged them to trash all sorts of misconceptions about premature babies that it is a curse to have one, saying:.
  • Commenting, the Premature Babies Organisation’s Secretary General, Mr Edgar Luhanga said some reasons which might lead a woman to lose her premature baby also include lack of education and awareness on how to take care of them…

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