Tele-rheumatology debate pits efficient care against reduced doctor-patient relationship

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Sumary of Tele-rheumatology debate pits efficient care against reduced doctor-patient relationship:

  • While COVID-19 ushered in what many believe to be a long overdue increase in telehealth in rheumatology, whether its benefits justify the potentially diminished doctor-patient relationship remained hotly debated during the EULAR 2021 Congress..
  • Another important consideration is that most patients with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases require care from a number of professionals who do not always need to see patients in person, according to Pchelnikova..
  • Pchelnikova also suggested that developing tools with all stakeholders involved is essential to creating products that are useful to patients and practitioners..
  • Digging deeper into the topic, Pchelnikova highlighted time constraints as an argument for increased use of telehealth..
  • Increased telehealth infrastructure can be beneficial in this regard, as well, by allowing for more frequent and open communications between doctor and patient, according to Pchelnikova….

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