Texas Hospital Workers Sue Over Vaccine Mandates


Sumary of Texas Hospital Workers Sue Over Vaccine Mandates:

  • Plaintiffs include Jennifer Bridges, a medical-surgical nurse at the hospital who has become the public face and voice of health care workers who object to mandatory vaccination, as well as Bob Nevens, the hospital director of corporate risk..
  • Nevens says the hospital was requiring him to be vaccinated even though he doesn’t treat patients and has been working from home for most of the past year..
  • Nevens says in his comments that he was fired on April 15, although the lawsuit says he is currently employed by the hospital corporate office..
  • 05/30/2021 Over 100 Texas Hospital Workers Sue Employer Over Mandate A lawsuit filed on behalf of 117 employees at Houston Methodist Hospital claims they are being forced “to subject themselves to medical experimentation.”.
  • https://t.co/fpU4uoS4m0 The Texas attorney who filed the lawsuit, Jared Woodfill, is known to champion conservative causes..
  • Vaccine makers are now completing the process of submitting documents required for a full biologics license application, or BLA, the tool the FDA uses for full approval….

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