The dangers of at-home, DIY teeth straightening kits

the dangers of at home diy teeth straightening kits

Sumary of The dangers of at-home, DIY teeth straightening kits:

  • From teeth-whitening, at-home veneers and tooth-filing, to attempting to straighten crooked teeth, people are trying all kinds of things at home.
  • Brisbane-based orthodontist Dr Marcus Todd of Ethos Orthodontics cautions against being tempted by the idea that you’re saving money by doing treatments yourself.
  • The dangers of at-home, DIY teeth straightening kitsAt-home teeth straightening kits have been available in America for many years, but Dr Todd says they’re fairly new in Australia.
  • You mix up the putty, make an impression of your teeth and send it back with a checklist of what you don’t like about your teeth,” he says.
  • Some companies are more hands on, offering a “scan centre” where customers can have their teeth scanned.
  • The companies use the DIY teeth impressions or scans to create a set of plastic liners that will move your teeth into the desired position.
  • It’s complex, and for people not to have a proper investigation of their teeth beforehand, that’s concerning.
  • ”media_cameraDIY teeth straightening can cause permanent damageThe potential damage can be severe, and in some cases, impossible to reverse.

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