The science of picky shoppers


Sumary of The science of picky shoppers:

  • There are hard-to-please customers in almost every industry, with certain people being picky about which clothes, houses and even romantic partners they will consider..
  • “If a company knows they have a lot of picky customers, they may need to change the way they reward salespeople or dedicate specific salespeople to their pickiest customers, because picky shoppers have very narrow preferences and they see perceived flaws in products others wouldn’t notice,”.
  • “Alternatively, a company may allow picky shoppers to customize their products to satisfy their idiosyncratic preferences..
  • It’s not just about offering the best products, but offering the products that are best for the picky customers.”.
  • Meloy added that even the most robust promotional strategies, like offering a free gift with purchase, may fail with picky customers..
  • Meloy said that while pickiness affects a customer’s shopping habits and therefore affects a company’s business, there hasn’t been much research done on defining pickiness or investigating how it influences a customer’s behavior..
  • For the paper — recently published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology — the researchers performed a series of studies to create a scale for measuring shopper pickiness and to identify the consequences of that pickiness on customer behavior..
  • The researchers said they created a series of questions that would help uncover the psychological dimensions of pickiness while also avoiding using the word “picky,”.
  • Once the researchers were confident the scale accurately measured pickiness, they conducted additional studies to examine the possible consequences of pickiness..
  • The researchers found that people who scored higher on the picky shopper scale tend to have a small window of what they consider acceptable, which the researchers described as having a small latitude of acceptance and a wide latitude for rejection..
  • These shoppers were more likely to reject a free gift when offered as a thank you for participating in a survey….

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