‘These couples will have lots of sex tonight’

Sumary of ‘These couples will have lots of sex tonight’:

  • The super blood moon caused relationship chaos and now a solar eclipse is expected to bring quite a bit of, ahem, action..
  • And with this year only solar eclipse on its way (on June 10), coupled with the recent total lunar eclipse, Australia intuitive astrologer and spiritual adviser Rose Smith told news.com.au it will have definite implications on relationships..
  • “Union is the ultimate goal but the path there is full of twists and turns, ups and downs and all of this plays out in our relationships.”.
  • She said a lunar and solar eclipse are as powerful as each other, and with both happening so close together, a spiritual process has started but isn’t complete until sometime after this Thursday solar eclipse..
  • “Lunar eclipses are about integrating experiences – the focus is internal or within – while solar eclipses are about taking action and the focus is external..
  • “Relationships may have broken up on the night (of the super blood moon) but couples are just as likely to break up now because it about the action.”.
  • Ms Smith said despite the fact the solar eclipse won’t be seen in Australia with the naked eye (only in the northern hemisphere), we will still experience the spiritual, emotional and physical consequences..
  • “The danger period isn’t over yet because what can happen is the effects of an eclipse can last up to six months, but certainly a few months there can be consequences to all this energy flying around.”…

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