THREE-QUARTERS of people not planning to get vaccinated say they are unlikely to change minds


Sumary of THREE-QUARTERS of people not planning to get vaccinated say they are unlikely to change minds:

  • The results indicate a crisis public health officials currently face, as vaccine demand slowly continues its fall around the country, and the potential of reaching herd immunity seems to dwindle..
  • The most common reason is that many are still skeptical to the safety of the vaccines, with 23 percent citing this..
  • All three vaccines that are available in the United States are deemed safe for use, and have received emergency use authorization from the U.S..
  • About 16 percent each said they are worried due to the hasty nature of the vaccines’ releases or are skeptical of vaccines in general..
  • Nearly half of Republicans (46 percent) say they do not plan to receive the vaccine, compared to only 6 percent of Democrats and 31 percent of indipendants..
  • West Virginia Gov Jim Justice (pictured) announced a vaccine sweepstakes in his state last week, incentivizing residents in the state the get the shots by giving away guns, trucks and cash..
  • The state joins many others that have put similar programs in place to combat falling vaccine demand Demand for the vaccines in America have stagnated in recent weeks, after reaching highs in April..
  • According to the data from Gallup, if America is to reach a point where 80 percent of its population is vaccinated, health officials are going to need to start convincing some Americans to get jabbed….

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