Three signs of high functioning anxiety


Sumary of Three signs of high functioning anxiety:

  • Anxiety can be hard to distinguish, but clinical psychologist Professor Peter McEvoy has revealed three key clues to look for..
  • The painfully invisible barrier has manifested into anxiety for a startling one in five Australians, many of whom live with the common but non-diagnosable strain – high functioning anxiety..
  • While it largely silent and invisible, the illness can have a broadly detrimental effect on people wellbeing and quality of life..
  • Peter McEvoy, a professor of clinical psychology at Curtin University, has identified three telltale characteristics of someone living with high functioning anxiety..
  • While it was often difficult to distinguish anxiety-driven behaviour from passion or motivation, Professor McEvoy said there were a few key traits to look out for..
  • People with anxiety were likely to be inflexible in their thinking and behaviour, and could come across obsessive and rigid, Prof McEvoy said..
  • Some people struggling with anxiety may have a tendency to avoid doing certain tasks, or procrastinate on finishing them, Prof McEvoy said..
  • On the other end of the spectrum, people with anxiety might be hyper-focused on certain things which could manifest in controlling behaviour towards tasks or people, Prof McEvoy said….

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