Thyroid cancer risk higher for menopausal women with longer reproductive years


Sumary of Thyroid cancer risk higher for menopausal women with longer reproductive years:

  • Menopausal women who have 41 or more reproductive years have more than double the risk for developing thyroid cancer compared with women who have 30 or fewer reproductive years, according to study data..
  • “We simultaneously examined multiple reproductive risk factors and lifestyle factors in relation to the risk of thyroid cancer,”.
  • “Our key finding was that longer reproductive years increased risk, providing some insights into the higher incidence in younger women during the reproductive years..
  • Our study expands on prior research by simultaneously considering multiple reproductive and hormonal risk factors that cover pregnancy, menstrual cycle, menopause and use of prescription hormones.”.
  • Adobe Stock Schubart, Goldenberg and colleagues analyzed data from the Nurses’ Health Study II cohort collected from 1989 to 2013..
  • Risk for thyroid cancer was more than double for women who had 41 or more reproductive years compared with 30 or fewer reproductive years (HR = 2.2;.
  • When age was treated as a continuous variable, there was a significant trend between longer reproductive years and an increased risk for thyroid cancer (P for trend = .006)..
  • Age at menopause was not associated with a significant increase in thyroid cancer risk, but there was a significant linear trend between later age at menopause and an increased risk for thyroid cancer when age was analyzed as a continuous variable (P for trend = .009)….

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