Towards a UK cannabis industry


Sumary of Towards a UK cannabis industry:

  • © iStock/Jokerbee12 Health Europa Quarterly (HEQ) speaks with Mike Barnes of Maple Tree Consultants and Ricardo Geada of Mackrell Solicitors about the need for a legal cannabis and CBD market in the UK..
  • 10 recommendations for government’, calls for a reduction in red tape and gentler regulation of what has the potential to be a multi-billion-pound industry..
  • HEQ speaks with neurologist and cannabis expert Mike Barnes of Maple Tree Consultants and Ricardo Geada, head of Mackrell Solicitors’ Cannabis Law Team, about the paper findings..
  • The basic reason we produced this report was that there is an increasing need for a UK medical cannabis and hemp industry, particularly since for the last two years it has been legal to prescribe medical cannabis in the UK and there is now a burgeoning CBD industry..
  • Because of those two key factors, we thought it was time for the government, the media and the public to recognise this need to develop the medical cannabis industry, so we came up with 10 recommendations for the government..
  • If we had better guidelines for allowing doctors to prescribe medical cannabis, that would be really helpful, because the guidelines produced by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and other bodies are very restrictive;.
  • The other significant recommendation on the medical side was to permit general practitioners (GPs) to prescribe, which I think would be really key..
  • The third key suggestion is to make it easier for UK farmers to actually grow high-THC cannabis, as well as hemp – there are several farmers who are already wanting to do that;…

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