Typical adult needs to ‘let loose’ four times a month – but most can’t remem …

typical adult needs to let loose four times a month but most cant remember doing so

Sumary of Typical adult needs to ‘let loose’ four times a month – but most can’t remember doing so:

  • The top ways people let go and have fun include listening to music, dining out and having a weekend away.
  • Doing so leaves people feeling happy (56 percent), refreshed (45 percent) and free (38 percent).
  • Butlin’s commissioned the study to highlight its “Live Music Weekends”, where people can have a get together with friends for music, dancing and pool parties.
  • Mike Godolphin, entertainment director at Butlin’s, said: “The research shows how impactful escaping the everyday and letting your hair down can be on people’s overall moods.
  • And 24 was found to be the peak age for having fun, while 46 percent of those polled admitted they miss feeling young and free.
  • But on average, adults have three upcoming plans including going out for food (27 percent), a weekend away (25 percent) and a visit to a bar (18 percent).
  • On average, people believe they need four consecutive days off from their everyday routine to feel relaxed and refreshed.

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