UM researcher wins $2.5 million NSF grant to study hantavirus disease transmission

um researcher wins 2 5 million nsf grant to study hantavirus disease transmission

Sumary of UM researcher wins $2.5 million NSF grant to study hantavirus disease transmission:

  • University of Montana researcher Angela Luis has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant to study how diversity of competitor species affects infectious disease transmission in wildlife – specifically hantavirus in deer mice.
  • Luis earned the five-year, $2.5 million grant from NSF’s Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease Program.
  • She is an associate professor of population and disease ecology in the University’s W.
  • The study’s underlying principles also could apply to other wildlife-based human diseases.
  • Luis said this is especially important as biodiversity disappears rapidly and infectious diseases increasingly spill over from wildlife to humans.
  • The big question for this study is how do competitors affect transmission of disease.
  • ” Angela Luis, Researcher, University of Montana Within an ecosystem, species interact with one another.
  • Changes in biodiversity – how many species and what species are on the landscape – can affect all sorts of things, including how disease is spread among animals and from animals to humans.

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