Under strict safety measures, no participants in staged concert got COVID-19


Sumary of Under strict safety measures, no participants in staged concert got COVID-19:

  • Under strict safety measures, no participants in a staged concert were infected with SARS-CoV-2, according to researchers, who said their experiment was the first randomized clinical trial to assess the risk of COVID-19 at mass gatherings..
  • It had been estimated that every single person with COVID-19 could spread the infection to 10 to 15 contacts during those events..
  • For the study, Llibre and colleagues performed same-day screening of attendees with antigen-detecting rapid diagnostic tests (Ag-RDTs)..
  • After 8 days, the researchers collected nasopharyngeal swabs and analyzed them by Ag-RDT, reverse transcriptase-PCR (RT-PCR) and a transcription-mediated amplification test (TMA)..
  • According to the study, at baseline, 15 (3%) of 495 individuals in the control group and 13 (3%) of 465 in the experimental group tested positive on TMA despite a negative Ag-RDT result..
  • Additionally, the RT-PCR test was positive in one case in each group and cell viral culture was negative in all cases..
  • Eight days after the event, the researchers found that two (less than 1%) individuals in the control arm had a positive Ag-RDT and RT-PCR result, whereas no Ag-RDT or RT-PCR positive results occurred in the intervention arm…

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