Vaccine fallout: All you need to know


Sumary of Vaccine fallout: All you need to know:

  • Australia national vaccine rollout will receive an overhaul after medical experts advised that AstraZeneca should no longer be the preferred jab for people aged over 50..
  • The Pfizer vaccine is now recommended over AstraZeneca jab in people aged under 50 who have not already received their first dose..
  • People aged under 50 should only be given a first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine where benefit clearly outweighs the risk for that individual..
  • People that have already had their first dose without any serious adverse events can safely be given their second dose..
  • The Health Department has updated its information for informed consent that clearly conveys the benefits and the risks of the AstraZeneca vaccine for both immunisation providers and consumers of all ages..
  • The UK and European drug regulators have been investigating a link between the AstraZeneca vaccine and a rare blood-clotting event..
  • The UK on Wednesday announced it would no longer be giving people aged under 30 the AstraZeneca vaccine because the benefits versus the risks were more finely balanced compared with older people..
  • Australian medical experts had already been reviewing information about the link and on Thursday handed down their findings..
  • Australia chief medical officer Paul Kelly said the decision about the age group was made based on local circumstances..
  • Medical experts have reiterated that AstraZeneca is safe for people in aged care residences and older Australians in priority groups..
  • It only been found in the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, usually within four to 10 days after that vaccine….

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