Vitamin D supplements may not protect against COVID-19


Sumary of Vitamin D supplements may not protect against COVID-19:

  • However, newly published research that used gene variants to simulate a randomized clinical trial suggests higher levels of vitamin D do not prevent COVID-19..
  • An unpublished study found a link between mean levels of vitamin D in the populations of 20 European countries and the number of COVID-19 cases and mortality rates in the countries..
  • However, the scientists behind this research emphasized that only randomized clinical trials could provide definitive evidence that vitamin D supplementation can prevent COVID-19 and therefore save lives..
  • For example, older age and chronic disease affect not only a person levels of vitamin D but also their risk of COVID-19..
  • In a clinical trial, researchers avoid these problems by randomly assigning participants to receive either the treatment or a placebo, then following them to see what happens..
  • The researchers then used the presence of these variants as a proxy for vitamin D levels in 14,134 individuals from up to 11 countries testing positive for COVID-19 and over 1.2 million individuals without the disease..
  • They found no significant associations between the predicted vitamin D levels — by each individual genetic makeup — and COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, or severity of illness..
  • Sattar was not involved in this research, but he and his colleagues recently published an observational study that found no association between vitamin D levels and risk of COVID-19 infection and mortality….

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