Voluntary assisted dying is one step closer in NSW. Now the negotiation starts

voluntary assisted dying is one step closer in nsw now the negotiation starts

Sumary of Voluntary assisted dying is one step closer in NSW. Now the negotiation starts:

  • New South Wales is moving closer to legalising voluntary assisted dying.
  • After days of speeches in the NSW lower house, MPs voted yesterday – 53 in favour and 36 against – to consider the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021 in detail.
  • Independent MP Alex Greenwich tabled the bill in the lower house last month.
  • The bill largely reflects the voluntary assisted dying legislation passed in other Australian states.
  • After the person has been assessed as eligible, the bill requires one of these senior doctors (the “coordinating” doctor) to apply to the Voluntary Assisted Dying Board for authorisation to proceed.
  • The bill permits registered health practitioners (doctors, nurses and others) to conscientiously object to participation, a feature of other Australian voluntary assisted dying legislation.
  • The bill also regulates the extent to which individual institutions can hinder access to voluntary assisted dying, for instance, by requiring institutions to allow access to voluntary assisted dying in certain situations.
  • Consistent with other states, the Voluntary Assisted Dying Board will monitor how the law operates.

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