Want to turn your bicycle into an e-bike? Here’s just the gizmo


Sumary of Want to turn your bicycle into an e-bike? Here’s just the gizmo:

  • There not space to fully get into why e-bikes can be a cycling gamechanger, but they are increasingly common, even in the UK, whirring along with a passenger, or cargo of kids and shopping..
  • Once you clamp a battery and motor on to a bike, weight becomes a slightly moot point, and the motors on modern e-bikes are so powerful they can easily get riders up to the 15mph maximum-powered speed allowed..
  • There are, of course, many excellent e-bikes, but the world of conventional bikes is that bit more straightforward..
  • After much preamble, this brings us to Swytch, a UK mini company that raised big sums via crowdfunding, and now manufactures kits which, they say, can fit almost any bike – rim brake or disc brake, 700C wheels, or even Brompton-size..
  • Your money gets you a front wheel, a compact battery/control panel that sits on a handlebar mount, plus a sensor that attaches to one crank (e-bikes provide power when you pedal, and the sensor lets the motor know this)..
  • All it involved was a spanner to attach the wheel, an Allen key for the bracket, and something to snip the ends off various zip ties..
  • It simple once you know how – clamp on the wheel in the correct way, attach the battery mount and sensor, and connect the wires – but I didn’t always find the instruction manual as clear as it could be..
  • Eventually I worked out these were to attach optional brake sensors, which cut the motor when you’re slowing down….

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