Warning to cover up as peak Ross River virus season nears

warning to cover up as peak ross river virus season nears

Sumary of Warning to cover up as peak Ross River virus season nears:

  • Mosquitoes contract the virus from biting an infected animal then transmit it to humans when they bite the skin, but it isn’t contagious so it can’t be passed on through human-to-human contact.
  • Credit: News Regional MediaAccording to Queensland Health’s acting deputy director general and chief medical officer Keith McNeil, Ross River infections account for the largest number of human mosquito-borne disease notifications in the state.
  • “If you’re enjoying the great outdoors this summer to play sport, go for bushwalks, catch up on gardening or even hosting a backyard barbecue, you need to be aware of mosquitoes,” Professor McNeil said.
  • Professor McNeil said the 2020 figures rose to the highest levels in five years and most cases came from South East Queensland.

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