What Is Heterochromia (Different Coloured Eyes) In Humans? Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

what is heterochromia different coloured eyes in humans causes symptoms and treatments

Sumary of What Is Heterochromia (Different Coloured Eyes) In Humans? Causes, Symptoms And Treatments:

  • Disorders Cure oi-Shivangi Karn on July 22, 2021 Heterochromia is an ocular condition characterised by different coloured eyes or irises of the same person.
  • It could occur due to many different syndromes such as: [3] Sturge-Weber syndrome Waardenburg syndrome Parry-Romberg syndrome Horner’s syndrome [4] Bloch-Sulzberger syndrome Bourneville disease Heterochromia that occurs at later stages of life is called acquired heterochromia.
  • It could possibly be due to: Ocular trauma Ocular injury Melanocytic infiltration (diffuse iris nevus or melanoma).
  • [6] Chediak-Higashi syndrome Diabetes mellitus 12 Evidence-Based Health Benefits Of Walnuts Symptoms Of Heterochromia Some of the symptoms of heterochromia include: Difference in coloration between the two eyes.
  • The impression of the sunken eye, in the case of Horner syndrome.
  • If heterochromia is due to a certain disease which is causing symptoms and affecting your quality of life, the ophthalmologist may refer you for comprehensive eye checkup and to consult an expert of the disease which is causing the condition.
  • If no health problem is present, which is in majority of the cases, the doctor may just suggest getting a detailed checkup to rule out the chances of any severity.

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