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It was the year 1945, and massive efforts to rebuild had just begun. In the aftermath of World War II, Mariano Que saw that among the most urgent needs in the country was providing cure for the multiple illnesses affecting Filipinos. With a hundred pesos in hand, he bought 1,000 sulfathiazole tablets, then considered a panacea for various diseases, and sold this in retail quantities. When he had saved enough, he built a pushcart, and later his first drugstore in Bambang, Manila, named after the Roman god Mercury who carried the caduceus symbol. At a time when the country had the reputation of selling low-grade drugs, Que focused mainly on quality through a system of continuous improvement of medical products and services.

Today, Mercury Drug has over 1,000 stores nationwide and with over 11,000 employees.

Its motto is: “We serve our public, striving to offer what they need when they need it.” To achieve this, the company has, among its roster of managers, not only marketing and financial experts, but also innovators in pharmaceutical science.

The industry pioneer, Mercury Drug has introduced many firsts in the local healthcare service such as the self-service concept, the motorized delivery services and drive-thru services, and the use of biological refrigerators and central computerized temperature controlled warehouses.

Over the years, it has manifested its deep commitment to have its aspirations and objectives fulfilled in the service of the Filipino people.

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