Why are incontinence patients being denied life changing BOTOX injections?


Sumary of Why are incontinence patients being denied life changing BOTOX injections?:

  • I can’t even walk upstairs without having an accident.’ Obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Clive Spence-Jones, a pelvic-floor specialist, said the current approach was inadequate..
  • ‘But there are also other things for patients to try, which should be offered, depending on the type of incontinence they have.’ It vital, when at this point, that patients and their doctors keep trying to find a solution, Dr Spence-Jones said..
  • Other options include implanting sacral-nerve stimulators, which send electrical pulses to nerves in the tailbone, regulating the bladder or bowel muscles..
  • But too few centres offer these treatments, and many general urologists and gynaecologists have no experience of them..
  • The clinic is well run and the nurses feel more like a friend, so no embarrassment’ The retired flight attendant from Clevedon, Somerset, began suffering from leaks after the birth of her second child, and had taken to wearing sanitary pads designed for periods..
  • I try to stay positive, but I get very depressed about it.’ She spoke to three private consultants – one gynaecologist and two urologists..
  • The nurses were helpful and positive, she said, and she is now waiting to find out whether a doctor will recommend Botox or sacral-nerve stimulators….

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