Why Legendary Dingko Singh’s Death is the End of an Era for Indian Boxing


Sumary of Why Legendary Dingko Singh’s Death is the End of an Era for Indian Boxing:

  • According to Indian Women’s Boxing Coach Mahavir Singh, who lost more than 70 percent of his liver due to the cancer, always had a smile on his face..
  • “Dingko achieved success in an era when boxing wasn’t popular in India and the kind of facilities, which are now available to the boxers, were missing from the sport.”.
  • In the late 2000s, he joined the Indian Navy as a boxing coach, helping the team to win the national championship..
  • He even trained Commonwealth Games champion Suranjoy Singh and Olympian Anthresh Lakra, who represented India at the Beijing Games..
  • Indian boxer Vikas Krishan, who is heading to this year’s Games in Tokyo, said Singh’s impact on boxing runs deep..
  • “The ferocity and explosiveness of his blows was such that he could challenge the very best boxers of his time, including Olympic champions,”.
  • “Before him no Indian boxer had defeated an Uzbek boxer in a major sporting event and when he beat Tulyakov to claim gold in boxing, it inspired a lot of boxers like me to take up boxing as a profession…

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