Why taking breaks is important for learning new skills


Sumary of Why taking breaks is important for learning new skills:

  • SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY/Getty Images Practice sessions involving practice bouts interspersed with breaks improve motor skill learning more effectively than continuous sessions..
  • A new study used brain scans to investigate how taking breaks from a practice session can improve motor performance..
  • The study found that the brain regions involved in performing the motor task reactivated during rest but at a far more rapid rate..
  • Such replays of brain activity patterns occurred multiple times during the inter-practice rest period, and their frequency had associations with improved motor performance..
  • However, periods of rest between these activity or learning sessions also play a crucial role in improving performance..
  • The improvements in skill performance during rest result from memory consolidation, which means strengthening memories formed during the practice session..
  • Scientists previously believed that the memory consolidation necessary for skill learning occurred during rest, over hours, or days after the practice session, especially during sleep..
  • However, recent studies show that improved motor skills can occur even during a single practice session involving practice sessions interspersed with resting periods….

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