Why the mask culture wars may never end


Sumary of Why the mask culture wars may never end:

  • That some people would burn masks in protest, while others wore $465 silken face coverings from Beverly Hills boutique House of Bijan..
  • Fiddleheads owner Chris Castleman told Yahoo News that a recent count of passersby yielded a 90 percent rate of masking outdoors..
  • (Raychel Brightman/Newsday RM via Getty Images) Masks have been divisive from the start, and even though the pandemic appears to be nearing its end in much of the United States, mask-related divisions remain as wide as ever..
  • At the same time, scientists were increasingly convinced that the virus spreads almost exclusively by air, not through surface-based particles called fomites..
  • And the clearer that became, the clearer it became to public health officials like Fauci that hand sanitizer was not going to win this game..
  • (Kevin Dietsch/UPI/Bloomberg via Getty Images) At bottom, the debate about masks is a debate about views on social accountability and individual freedom..
  • Seemingly to take some offense, the masked father said that he was vaccinated too, but pool rules on masking were pretty unambiguous and had been for months (the fathers presumably did not know that a nearby Yahoo News reporter was following their exchange)..
  • an infectious disease expert at the Mount Sinai Medical Health System in New York recently told the Washington Post….

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