Women who plan to have a C section are no more likely to suffer poor outcomes


Sumary of Women who plan to have a C section are no more likely to suffer poor outcomes:

  • Planned caesareans pose no bigger threat than vaginal deliveries for either mother or baby, according to a study..
  • But Canadian researchers have now challenged the claims, finding that it may even be better for mothers-to-be and their babies..
  • Ottawa University scientists leafed through the records of 422,000 births, including 2,000 where expectant mothers chose to have a C section..
  • Results showed women who chose to have a C section faced no greater risk, and hinted the mothers-to-be and their infants may even be better off..
  • C-sections are normally carried out because of medical reasons including babies in the wrong position, or the mother suffers pre-eclampsia..
  • Experts say mothers-to-be may opt for C-sections because of perceptions they will receive better care, improving outcomes for both them and their baby..
  • Researchers led by Dr Yanfang Guo, who is also part of the Ottawa Hospital Research Group, checked over official birthing records in Ontario, Canada, for the seven years to 2018..
  • Among mothers-to-be, they checked for how many suffered tears to the rectum or uterus, unanticipated operative procedures or required blood transfusions..
  • For babies delivered by vagina there were 17,899 (4.3 per cent) adverse events, while in the C section group there were 34 (1.9 per cent)..
  • ‘This analysis shows that planned CDMR is safe for low-risk pregnancies and may be associated with a lower risk of adverse delivery outcomes compared with vaginal deliveries,’ scientists said…

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