Zimbabwe: Hospital Boss Arrested for Recruiting Failed Candidate


Sumary of Zimbabwe: Hospital Boss Arrested for Recruiting Failed Candidate:

  • A senior employee at Shurugwi District Hospital has been dragged to court on criminal abuse of duty accusations after allegedly offering employment to a nurse aide who had failed interviews..
  • It is the State’s case that sometime in May 2020, a vacancy for a nurse aide arose at Zviumwa clinic in Ward 16 Tongogara Rural District Council, Shurugwi..
  • Read the state outline, “On the 18th of May 2020, an 8-member interviewer panel was set up which comprised officers from Tongogara Rural District Council, staff members from Zviumwe Clinic and ward 16 local leadership members..
  • “Initial screening was done using the above-mentioned criteria and only three candidates were found to have the relevant qualifications, and these were (a) Rhoda Samantha Mangoma (b) Jenifer Mashoko (c) Isabeth Nhengo,”.
  • As a result, the interviewing panel recommended Isabeth Nhengo for the post, having considered she ranked first in the interview..
  • Mangwiro is accused of acting contrary to and inconsistent with her duties as a public officer by facilitating the appointment of a candidate who had failed the interview for purposes of showing favour to Jennifer Mashoko and disfavour to Isabeth Ndengo, the deserving candidate…

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