Zimbabwe: When Journalists Tell Deliberate Lies On Vaccines


Sumary of Zimbabwe: When Journalists Tell Deliberate Lies On Vaccines:

  • The Government, through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development permanent secretary Mr George Guvamatanga, also advised that Zimbabwe needed to address the likely side effects of the vaccine before accepting the consignment which was scheduled for August..
  • Even after Mr Guvamatanga’s correspondence, the VOA correspondent was not yet done with peddling lies against his own Government..
  • The reporter and his Western handlers wilfully feigned confusion between donated vaccines such as those under the COVAX programme and the AU initiative for which beneficiary countries pay..
  • On June 7 2021, businessinsider.co.za published an article to the effect that the South African drug regulator, the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA), could not green light the use of the millions of shots of the Johnson &.
  • The FDA reported rare blood clots in some patients who had received the vaccine, forcing South Africa to stop administering it since April..
  • Dr Matara is a medical doctor and he should be aware of the clots concerns, but he pretended not to be in the know just to push the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in Zimbabwe..
  • The medical doctor has been part of Western programmes meant to recruit foreigners for use against their governments..
  • Some citizens accused Government of playing politics by turning down American vaccines because Zimbabwe is not in good books with the Western country….

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