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معلومات حول العالم & أخبار عن نصائح صحية لكبار السن, معلومات عن تحسين صحة الوالدين ومستوى معيشة الأجداد مع حياة أطول, iWeller تشارك النصائح الصحية لكبار السن بحب.

How you CAN have a Covid-safe Christmas

The festive period won’t be lonely and miserable, after all, thanks to the Prime Minister’s ‘Christmas bubbles’ – allowing three households to congregate between December 23 and 27….

Can I hug my grandparents at Christmas?

CORONAVIRUS rules will shift once more starting on December 2, with a retooled tier system to cover the country for potentially another seven months. Can you hug your grandparents at Christmas?…


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