STOP using expired lipstick! A dermat reveals why it’s a big sin

stop using expired lipstick a dermat reveals why its a big sin

Sumary of STOP using expired lipstick! A dermat reveals why it’s a big sin:

  • Toss away all those lipsticks hidden in your drawers, since forever!
  • That’s because applying expired lipstick can make you VERY sick.
  • Listen to this article Who all missed applying lipsticks during the pandemic?
  • If you are planning on reusing lipsticks that you purchased ages ago, hold on.
  • Just like every other cosmetic product, lipsticks also have a shelf life;
  • On average, a premium lipstick brand lasts anywhere between 12 to 18 months.
  • There are several ways to check if your lipstick has expired or not.
  • See if it oozes moisture Notice if it glides on the lips or not But what’s going to happen if you ignore everything and continue to apply the lipstick?

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