2021 Has Been A Deadly Year For Transgender People

2021 has been a deadly year for transgender people

Sumary of 2021 Has Been A Deadly Year For Transgender People:

  • Transgender people in the United States face discrimination and violence.
  • getty 2021 isn’t over, but 45 transgender people have been killed this year alone in the United States.
  • On November 9th, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC) reported that more transgender and nonbinary people died in 2021 than in any year the organization had previously recorded.
  • The HRC began tracking this data in 2013. Many Transgender People Face Discrimination and Violence When a transgender person comes out in a welcoming and safe community, they can celebrate their identity and find a sense of belonging.
  • Unfortunately, many transgender people still face discrimination and judgment.
  • Many transgender people worry that their families will disown them.
  • The stats show that this fear is rooted in reality for many LGBTQ+ youth.
  • If a transgender child or young adult becomes homeless, they face a higher risk for a number of health issues: hunger and malnutrition, assault and muggings, and psychological trauma.

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