AHA News: Pfizer, Moderna Officials Review COVID-19 Vaccine Successes, Discuss Future for mRNA Tech

aha news pfizer moderna officials review covid 19 vaccine successes discuss future for mrna tech

Sumary of AHA News: Pfizer, Moderna Officials Review COVID-19 Vaccine Successes, Discuss Future for mRNA Tech:

  • 15, 2021 (American Heart Association News) — Leaders from the two companies responsible for America’s most-used COVID-19 vaccines looked back Saturday at how they were able to develop the lifesaving shots so quickly – and offered a glimpse of what might lie ahead in the fight against the coronavirus and other maladies.
  • So as soon as the company had promising data from early tests, it was setting up advanced clinical trials and preparing for manufacturing.
  • Not only is the company on track to deliver up to 3 billion doses of its vaccine by year’s end, it recently announced promising results for an antiviral COVID-19 pill.
  • “Projections are that an annual vaccination is likely going to be very helpful to refill your immune response defense line, and to further train it for any future needs,” although those needs might be different for people in high-risk groups, such as people with cancer or cardiovascular conditions.
  • Bancel envisions a single annual shot that would combine a COVID-19 booster;
  • a flu vaccine that has “a much higher efficacy than what we have seen so far in older-technology vaccines;” and a vaccine for RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, an illness that’s common but sometimes severe in children younger than 2. “So one shot and you’ll be set for the fall and winter,” he said.
  • Beyond COVID-19, both men saw exciting potential in the technology behind their companies’ vaccines, which use a molecule called messenger RNA, or mRNA, to deliver information that allows cells to make proteins.
  • With traditional technologies, the majority of promising drugs don’t make it from the lab to market, Bancel said.

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