Antibiotic prescriptions for kids plummet during pandemic

antibiotic prescriptions for kids plummet during pandemic

Sumary of Antibiotic prescriptions for kids plummet during pandemic:

  • As children made fewer visits to health facilities and engaged in social distancing and other COVID-19 mitigation measures, a smaller number of them also received prescription drugs, a new study suggests.
  • Overall, medications prescribed for children dropped by more than a quarter during the first eight months of the pandemic compared to the previous year, with the steepest declines in infection-related medicines like antibiotics and cough-and-cold drugs.
  • “The decline in the number of children receiving antibiotics is consistent with the large decreases in infection-related pediatric visits during 2020,” said lead author Kao-Ping Chua, M.
  • “Because antibiotics have important side effects, the dramatic decreases in antibiotic dispensing may be a welcome development,” he added.
  • “However, declines in dispensing of chronic disease drugs could be concerning.
  • ” Dispensing of infection-related drugs declined sharply Researchers analyzed national prescription drug dispensing data from 92% of U.S pharmacies to assess changes in dispensing to children ages 0-19 during COVID-19. Between January 2018 and February 2020, nearly 25.8 million prescriptions were dispensed to children a month.
  • Dispensing totals during the first 8 months of the pandemic dropped by about 27% compared to the same period in 2019. Overall, drugs typically prescribed for acute infections, including antibiotics, fell by nearly 51% while those for chronic diseases fell by 17%.
  • “The decrease in antibiotic dispensing most likely reflects reductions in infections, such as colds and strep throat, due to COVID-19 risk-mitigation measures like social distancing and face masks,” Chua said.

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